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Ctrl builds a separate credit score for your business and improves your personal score by reducing personal credit utilization.
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ctrl your credit.

FYI - Improving to a “good” personal credit score can save more than $120,000 over 30 years ²

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Whether you’re a rising solopreneur or running a lucrative side-hustle, you're a walking business.

It’s time for a smart business card that can keep up with you as you build your empire.

Ctrl  helps grow your business.

Separate expenses.  Maximize write-offs.  Build business credit.

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Business credit redesigned.

Higher limits

One size doesn’t fit all - We evaluate individual circumstances to improve credit limits

Business credit score

Ctrl reports to the main business bureaus to build your business credit score for the future

No credit check to apply

We understand personal credit scores don’t reflect your business potential

We're building a business credit card for the new generation of solopreneurs.

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P.S. - we don't care about your personal credit score.

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Up to 10% Instant Cashback ¹

Stop leaving money on the table. Discover the write-offs you've been missing with our 24/7 chat to consult on tax deductible expenses. Maximizing your net profit has never been easier.

Start at 1% and get an extra 1% for every friend you bring on board . We don’t limit our cashback to select categories, it’s on ALL expenses.

Still using spreadsheets? Capture receipts on the go with the Ctrl app and enjoy the ease of automatic expense bookkeeping. All purchase records integrate with accounting software.

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You are more than just a number.


Credit scores are outdated - 80% of FICO calculations neglect early stage credit users.³
Instead, we evaluate business performance and digital asset metrics using Artificial Intelligence to determine your true credit potential.

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Credit APR does not include profit margins.

Unlike traditional financial institutions, we don't profit from driving you into unnecessary debt.

Our pricing is simple - a flat monthly subscription between $8-$12.

We focus only on supporting your needs, staying 100% committed to your growth.

We believe in


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